Equipment Hire

Are you in need of a PA for a small event or gig. 


PA Speakers

We have two 15in QTX PA speakers, perfect for a conference event, band or DJ set. 

$50 per day


Mixing desk 

Alesis Multimix 8.0. This is an ideal little mixing desk for most events. Features for bands includes an on board FX with reverbs and chorus.

$25 per day


Wireless Mics

Power dynamic microphones that are perfect for conferences where you need mobility for presentation. 

$25 per day (For a Set)


SM58 Mic/Behringer Mic

Great quality microphones for the gigging vocalist. 

$10 per day (Each)

Mark tupuhi (In The fridge)

Mark tupuhi (In The fridge)

Microphone stands

$10 per day (Each)

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All products come complimentary with cables and necessary accessories.


Each time you book out equipment, because of the social enterprise nature of The Volume Collective, money goes back into the New Zealand music and art communities through the development of webshows, content and  promotional material. Thank you so much for helping and encouraging us to continue making content and supporting music and art producers!