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In The Fridge is a series hosted at the Fridge Recording Studio where we get New Zealand musicians and artists in for a jam and a chat. All the rules are thrown out of the window, we want the real, raw and openness of the true musicians. Each episode comes complete with mistakes, dirty jokes, swears and is all done in one take. Filmed and recorded by talented students from the University of Waikato and Wintec in Hamilton New Zealand, In The Fridge is a one of a kind series. Enjoy and be sure to support us HERE

This Week In The Fridge

But we also have content from artists such as Date Month Year still to come! 

Date Month Year In The Fridge

Hamilton band Date Month Year rocking out in our studio! Check out their stuff HERE

Not In The Fridge - With Antony 'The Musician'

Sultry sounds of the legendary Antony Aiono! Check out his profile HERE! Listen, Love and share with people who you think will enjoy. 

MISHAP In The Fridge

Wellington punk band MISHAP at its best! High energy awesome!

Primacy In The Fridge

Primacy joined us In The Fridge bringing in a mix of elements of heavy rock, progressive metal with some blues flavour added in for a touch of soul.

Penni Feather In The Fridge

Something a little different In The Fridge we had the enormously talented Penni Feather bring some folk influences into the mix. 

Parabola West In The Fridge

Parabola West is one of the most beautiful artists performing in New Zealand and abroad at the moment. It was such an honour to have Amy come into our humble studio to perform her beautiful mix of acoustic and electronic music supported by her husband David. Welcome back anytime guys!  

Reece Gielen In The Fridge

A staple in the Hamilton New Zealand music scene, Reece Gielen is a savant musician who can pretty much play and sing anything. We loved having this amazing musicians and talented artist grace our studio. Along with being a practicing musician Reece is a very talented sound engineer (yes, it is a very different skill set) who runs an open mic at a local bar in Hamilton New Zealand. Check out more Reece HERE ....

Thanks for Watching. 

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 lana kong

lana kong

Slumbug In The Fridge

Once again Slumbug graced the Fridge Recording studio with some straight up 'Fuck Yeah!' Honestly one of our favorite bands (if we are allowed to say that). Catch these when ever you get the chance and as always check out their Facebook for upcoming shows, album releases and tour dates. 

Looking For Alaska In The Fridge

We absolutely love these guys and once again felt pretty special that they came in to the studio for a visit. Looking For Alaska are a stunning band from the muso breeding ground that is Hamilton New Zealand (probably touring near you soon), be sure to check them out and buy an album or two. :D 

The Biscuits In The Fridge 

We have had the privilege of seeing these guys LIVE on several occasions and what a real treat to have them in our studio last week. The Biscuits are epic badasses from Auckland that made the trip down to lowly Hamilton just for this. Thanks guys, and be sure to check them out for tour dates and locations! I hope you enjoy all the videos and check out their albums HERE.

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Skinny Hobos In The Fridge

This sick as fuck band joined the ranks of bands visiting out beautiful Fridge Recording studio for a LIVE session of In The Fridge. Featured regularly on The Rock radio station and touring the North Island as we speak, the Skinny Hobos are two of the coolest dudes, for more information click HERE

Coral In The Fridge - Episode 2

This amazing woman graced The Fridge recording studio with beautiful performances of four of her songs. A personal favorite of ours, Coral is skyrocketing her way up in the hopes of one day being a world travelling musician touring around festivals. In our opinion, she cannot be that far away from achieving this. Stay tuned for her album release later on this year. For more information about Coral or to get a copy of her album(s) click HERE

Glass Shards In The Fridge - Pilot Episode

This one man show does extraordinary work as a musician stunning audiences with electronic jiggery pokery that leaves you in wonder. Glass Shards is fast becoming a New Zealand icon by setting the bar for the future of performances with the most unique theatrical style. Be sure to check out his Facebook and Soundcloud.


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