Hello fellow supporters of The Volume Collective,

It with a heavy heart (and a lot of tears) we announce that last month we were asked to vacate The Fridge Studio at The Cowshed building University of Waikato. Over the last several months we had been in dialogue with Waikato Students Union about retaining the space, but sudden decision by the Waikato Students Union to acquire the space for their own purposes, meant we had to vacate much quicker than we thought. We were not given a reason for our sudden removal from the space, only that from our understanding the Waikato Student Union wanted it. Although there were other spaces available at The Cowshed building where the Fridge Studio is located, Waikato Student Union’s made it clear it had to be this space and we had to leave. Last night we found out why….. A post on Instagram by Nexus Magazine (run by the Waikato Student Union) showed our “In The Fridge” live to air logo with the intention of using the space and the term for their own podcasts. This is a moniker that is very dear to us. The legacy that is “In The Fridge” series started under Contact FM. It is a name that has become synonymous within the music community for producing and recording live local music content. We as The Volume Collective are proud to have taken it further developing our style and format with the “In The Fridge” Live To Airs while supporting national and locals bands. This has been an incredibly hard time for all members of The Volume Collective. Last night a co-founder of The Volume Collective shed tears watching the “In The Fridge” logo she painstakingly hand painted become just for a tool for Nexus Magazine podcast promotion. Even more cutting was realising the people behind the post had limited insight into the many countless hours over the last four years our organisation had contributed to producing this live to air content. We have given up so many of our own personal hours, we can count the times we skipped meals, stayed up until all hours, worked in between assignments and jobs, just to deliver content that helps promote local and national music. It is a bitter pill to swallow watching Nexus Magazine take the legacy we have built and repurpose it for their own intentions. We thought about remaining silent, but this is far too hurtful to remain silent on. Normally we wouldn’t ask this, but it is something we feel so strongly about, we are asking you the music community (both local and national) to support us by sharing this, by standing by us, backing us and giving us a voice.

We loved working with University of Waikato and its students, we ourselves have learnt so much as an organisation and what we can contribute to campus culture and the arts community. We have recorded so many musicians from national established acts to local students, documenting their music, their words and their voice. We would have gladly continued to do so and we would have gladly contributed our studio gear to help train students on campus. Sadly this no longer will happen. While we are naturally upset that we couldn’t retain The Fridge studios on University of Waikato campus (and finding out the real reason why), we will continue to work with local arts and music organisations with a goal to return bigger, better, and brighter than before. Our goal will always be showcasing great talent we have here locally and nationally and provide a learning platform for students and volunteers alike. The only small thing we ask is that you stand behind us and support us during this time.

Love you all…