The weekly webshow with your lovable hosts Reno and Ariana. Also airing every Wednesday, 5pm on the Hum 106.7fm Hamilton, New Zealand. Each episode of the Volume Cast features artists, musicians and public figures who are prominent in the Hamilton music and arts scenes. 

Episode - Mukuka

This weeks show hosted by the ever patient and aging Reno featuring an interview with the beautiful and talented Mukuka. This show is featuring music from Mukuka herself, Date Month Year (Please send us more and keep making stuff), Darnell from Wintec here in Hamilton NZ and finally currently on Tour around the North Island Brendon Thomas and the Vibes along with Skinny Hobos, special shout out to you guys for putting on one hell of a show last week. Remember, you can download and enjoy anywhere, drive to work, at work, jogging (if people still do that). Listen, enjoy, like and share! 


Episode - Matt's Choice

Here is this weeks podcast is hosted by the one and only Matt Rae's choice of favorite NZ Music. Featuring songs from Coral, Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, Desbot, Looking for Alaska, So Laid Back Country China, Skinney Hobos and many more. I hope you enjoy. Like, Listen and Share :D

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Episode - Darnell and Antony

FINALLY!!! Here is our first podcast after our move to the world famous (in Hamilton) the Fridge Recording Studio. Don't be shy either feel free to come by for a visit and check out what we are up to. This weeks show features two guests, Darnell Wilson from BLU82's playing this Friday at Burning Beats (out in front of the studio) from 4-9pm and Antony Aiono a staple in the Hamilton music scene. Check them out online and right here on the Volume Cast


Episode - Scott Newth

Ariana's Return! This weeks episode featuring local musician and sound engineer for The Porch Recording Studio Scott Newth. Scott's more famous musical exploits include (but not limited to) Rumpus Room and being a part of the the historical yet ill fated Contact FM at the University of Waikato. Rumpus Room and MSU are featured at the end of this weeks Volume Cast!





Episode - Bowie Tribute Night

This week Reno, Oliver and Macaila talk about the up and coming tribute for David Bowie. This episode, however, has been cut short in honor of Christina Grimmie. Our feelings will not be hurt at all if you decide to ditch listening to this episode and listen to some of her music instead. You can find it here. Thank you guys so much listening and we will be back to our regularly scheduled show next week. Catch you then :D 

Photograph by liquid design

Photograph by liquid design

Episode - Richard Swainson

This weeks episode, sadly both Reno and Ariana are away today so together with Wai and Jake, Oliver of Glass Shards deliver a great and entertaining episode featuring music from BattleCat, Mobile Stud Unit, and Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers

Also featuring anecdotes from the one and only Richard Swainson discussing Hamilton's colourful and tasteful past in way that only Richard can deliver. Enjoy :D

This flight tonight - Nivara lounge at Hamilton band showcase

This flight tonight - Nivara lounge at Hamilton band showcase

Episode - Bandfandango and This Flight Tonight

Rob Shirlow has put together the extraordinary concept of Bandfandango. A must see! Check it out at

Also featuring an interview with the beautiful Auckland band This Flight Tonight who performed last week at the Hamilton Band Showcase.  Remember to download and listen anywhere!


Episode - Chris Field

Chris Field is an amazing musician who is no stranger to the Hamilton music scene. In this weeks episode he adds to New Zealand's fascinating music history. The Show is featuring music from Quintus Felix, This Flight Tonight,  Looking for Alaska, The Wingmen, Aorangi, Coral and The Recently Deceived! Free to download, listen anywhere!


Episode - Mark Tupuhi

This weeks episode featuring the creator of the Hum, Mark Tupuhi. The Hum radio station streams live from and features new and old local Hamilton music and content.